Is micellar water a toner?

If you are a skincare junkie, you must always try to look out for the new skin care products available in the market to add to your kitty.

But before doing them, you must know the exact uses of the product and its reaction to the skin. Even if the skincare products are different from one another, some of their purposes can be confusing at times.

Talking about the confusing skincare products, toner, and micellar water are two such skincare products that are often perplexing. So, if you are confused about the difference between a toner and micellar water, this module would help you to clear that up.


Micellar water:

It is a combination of oil and water which will help you to get rid of impurities from your face. The tiny oil drops in the soft water are called the micelles which will help to draw out dirt. It can also be used as a cleansing product to remove makeup and for moisturizing your face but its primary purpose is to clean out oil, dirt, and stubborn makeup from the face.


It is basically used after you have wiped your makeup off from your face and also after cleansing your face with a face wash.

Toner is just water with skin-friendly ingredients like antioxidants, glycerin, and acids formulated in it. It also helps in maintaining the pH level of the skin, removing dead skin cells, shrinking pores, and providing hydration.

It cleanses the parts of the face that cleanser and wipes couldn’t clean. Lastly, it not removes excess oil but also leaves your skin plump and smoother.

Final thoughts:

So, the answer for micellar water vs. toner would be the micellar water. You must use micellar water over anything else because it is the first step in the skincare routine.