Basic difference between hair oil and hair serum

The basic differences between the hair oil and hair serum are that hair oil is mainly used to improve and nourish the health of your hair whereas the hair serum is more of a styling product that can be used to add smoothness and shine to your hair.

As there is no such thing to identify which one is better than the other, the two do have distinctive qualities which make them perfect for entirely different reasons.

If you are not sure about which one to add to your hair care wardrobe, this article has detailed the main differences between the hair oils and hair serums below. No matter which one you choose, your hair is sure to thank you later.

hair serumHair serums:

Hair serum is a silicone-based solution which when applied on your hair will help to lock your curl pattern and seal the cuticles.

They are prepared specially to protect your hair from heat (from electrical styling tools), forceful heating, prolonged sun exposure, and pollution.

The hair serums are essential styling products that come with an added benefit of acting as a ‘Botox’ for your tresses. Serums also have a great light-reflecting quality, which is what makes them appear shinier, healthier-looking, and smoother when applied on hair.

Hair oils:

hair oilHair oils are fantastic multitaskers that fit the better when it comes to hair care routine. They are designed in such a way that they penetrate the cuticle, manipulate the change in the hair structure, rather than simply coating it.

The benefits of using hair oils are so many. They not only act as fantastic lubricants that can help with detangling wet hair, but they are also great heat protectants because of its sealing properties of the oil.

Thus, when it comes to hair oil vs. hair serum, the answer would be both. They serve individual purposes well.